100% Community owned and operated

About the Trusts

The Trusts is made up of the Portage Licensing Trust (PLT) and Waitākere Licensing Trust (WLT). Everything we do is about keeping things local in our communities. That’s why surplus profits from our stores and hospitality venues go right back into local schools, community groups, businesses and people who are dedicated to helping our place thrive.

Owned by the community. Run by the community. For the community.

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Through our network of stores and venues, as well as our long-term investment portfolio we are able to give our surplus profits to community organisations in our local area.

We also work to provide employment and opportunity throughout West Auckland.

We operate 17 West Liquor, 4 Village Wine & Spirits, and 4 Liquorland stores in West Auckland.

Both the Portage and Waitakere Licensing Trusts run their management functions through West Auckland Trusts Services Ltd – generally known as The Trusts. This management company houses functions such as resources, accounting, marketing and logistics, to streamline operations, reduce costs, and be more effective.

Our Board of nine Directors govern the business along with the senior management team. Five of the Directors are independent with commercial experience and complement the four Directors who are appointed from the licensing trusts. Their role is to manage the financial performance of the business and governance.

The role of our elected members is to monitor business performance, ensure that we’re delivered on our strategic objectives and financial targets as well as meeting the community’s expectations around responsible liquor sales.